Feb. 28-Mar. 1 2009

I intended to take a still photo, but the Eyewitness Cam was in video mode, so I had to crimp this frame from the clip. This is NC 209, going under a rail overpass in Lake Junaluska, NC.

The dreaded Access Road in Lake Junaluska, which curves around to the freeway that carries several U.S. routes.

More fun fog! This has to be south on US 23/441 between Sylva and Franklin, NC.

Continuing south on US 23 from North Carolina into Georgia. US 23 throughout Rabun County, GA, was actually much more built up than it appeared on any map.

I'm not exactly sure where this is, but it's probably on US 23 near Tallulah Falls, GA.

Another photo in that general area - to display the workings of your highway tax dollars.

GA 17 makes a wide, sweeping bypass of Toccoa, GA. This is approaching the junction with GA 145. Notice that the road appears to be in the midst of being expanded to a divided highway.

GA 17 at GA 145 (and an accompanying rail line). On the right, you can see glimpses of the project to make this part of GA 17 a divided highway.

GA 17 leaves the Toccoa bypass, and we continue southeast.

We took I-85 from Lavonia, GA, to Anderson, SC, and this video shows part of that leg of our trip.

From I-85 in South Carolina, this is looking southeast at part of Hartwell Lake just northeast of the SC 11 exit.

Another Hartwell Lake crossing on I-85. This almost has to be between the SC 24 and SC 187 exits. If so, that's the SC 24 bridge off in the distance.

Celebrity look-alike time! This United Way billboard was along the SC 28 bypass on the west side of Anderson, SC. And tell me, what famous person does that look like? She looks like Ellen DeGeneres! Don't you agree?

SC 28 leaves the Anderson bypass and continues southeast. At the intersection of SC 28 & 185, we see examples of both the new and the old South Carolina state route markers - live and in the flesh! The SC 185 sign is of the older style; the SC 28 sign is newer.

Continuing on SC 28, this showcases the South Carolina practice of rectangular stop signs that loom above roadways.

Approaching downtown Abbeville, SC.

Weaving around Abbeville's town square.

They need to tell us this? What are we - a bunch of babies? Anyway, I'm guessing this is on US 178 in southern Greenwood County.

The next few photos cover one of the highlights of our trip: May Road in western Saluda County. It looks like a nice, smooth road here, but...

...It quickly becomes this unpaved logging road!

Yes, this is still the unpaved portion of May Road.

May Road is rapidly becoming May Not Road!

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