Feb. 28-Mar. 1 2009

You thought we were done with May Road, didn't you? This is continuing on the unpaved part of May Road in Saluda County, SC. We had to cross that puddle up ahead in a regular car. That puddle had rushing water and looked far more intimidating face to face!

A video going west on US 378 in Edgefield County, SC. (Where else?)

This has to be US 25 in the town of Edge-edge-edge-edge-edgefield.

US 25 goes under this rail overpass near Mims Street in Edgefield. Notice that Edgefield likes to be known for being the home of 10 governors.

US 25 near Trenton, SC!

Cue the golf music! We're entering Augusta, GA! This is crossing into Augusta from South Carolina on I-20, looking northwest on the Savannah River.

Augusta, GA, consolidated with Richmond County in 1996 - making it one of the largest cities in the Peachtree State. Here we're going southeast on GA 104 (River Watch Parkway). This building looks like an old factory of some sort.

Continuing into central Augusta, this is pretty close to our encounter with the Augusta Madman. It appears as if they're building a new road with an overpass up ahead.

Closer to downtown Augusta!

This is as close to downtown Augusta as we got. The building peering up on the right is probably downtown's tallest skyscraper.

Wrapping up the Saturday by heading out of Augusta! This is northwest on GA 28, the John C. Calhoun Expressway. (Why do I get the impression Calhoun was like the Jim DeMint of the 1830s?)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! We encountered a monsoon that morning, but this is north on US 129/441 betwixt Madison and Athens, GA.

Athens consolidated with Clarke County in 1991 and is the home of the University of Georgia. This is an important street leading into town.

Heading towards downtown on Broad Street.

South on Finley Street, approaching Dearing Street. This is reportedly the last cobblestone street in Athens. Just our luck to have to drive on it uphill in the rain!

It's...the Tree That Owns Itself! This tree is a white oak at Finley & Dearing that actually holds the deed to the parcel on which it stands. The tree began life in the 1940s and is the progeny of an earlier tree that stood here. The original Tree That Owns Itself received the deed to the property from its previous owner.

Here's an Allowed Cloud just hankering to be violated. This NO CRUISING ZONE sign is near downtown Athens. It's unconstitutional, of course. There's something called freedom of assembly, you know.

Northeast through Athens. This rail overpass has to be right where Dougherty Street becomes North Avenue. You can see another rail bridge in the background.

Now we're going under the rail span that's in the background of the previous pic.

I'm not exactly sure where this is. I know it's 19 minutes northeast of Athens though, maybe around Ila.

Main Street in Lula, GA. The street coming off the left is Cobb Street, which forms an unusual bridge over a rail line.

Heading into downtown Cleveland, GA, on US 129 (Main Street). Up ahead is a town square with a very old courthouse. The courthouse was built before the Civil War and now houses the county historical society. Cleveland may be best known as the town where Cabbage Patch Kids were invented.

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