Feb. 28-Mar. 1 2009

The fourth part of this 5-part set may be the most illustrious of all. This would have to be 9 minutes northwest of Cleveland, GA, on US 129.

Just past the previous photo. I don't know whether US 129 has merged with US 19 yet or not.

This almost has to be US 19/129 where it crosses the Blue Ridge.

This is kind of a blur (much like the Bush years), but we're still on US 19/129.

Yes, this is still US 19/129!

Another county seat with a nice town square. This is north on US 19/129 (Cleveland Street) in Blairsville, GA. The courthouse up ahead is on a town square surrounded by a roundabout.

We took US 76 east from Blairsville. Brasstown Bald (elevation 4,784 feet) is the highest peak in Georgia, but we have no way to tell if this is indeed it.

This is US 76 near Young Harris, GA - hometown of Zell Miller, governor and senator known for his combative tirade about spitballs during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

This is at US 76 & GA 17 in Towns County.

This would have to be west on US 64 in Clay County, NC.

Facing north at a field along US 64, just past the previous picture.

We were stuck behind this slow-moving truck for miles on US 64 and NC 141.

This almost has to be north on NC 141, facing the Snowbird Mountains.

This must be northeast on US 19/74/129 near Andrews, NC.

A ruined barn along US 129 near Robbinsville, NC (hometown of country singer Ronnie Milsap).

Still in North Carolina, this area is just southwest of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This has to be one of the crossings of Santeetlah Lake on US 129.

This has to be Santeetlah Lake itself.

US 129 goes under what looks like a railroad overpass, except it has this giant pipe on it.

US 129, with the Cheoah River just barely visible on the left.

The mighty Cheoah gathers steam.

Near Tapoco, NC, US 129 goes over the Little Tennessee River right where the Cheoah empties into it. At that crossing, you can see this - the Cheoah Dam, which helps form Lake Cheoah on the Little Tennessee. The sign reads, "WARNING; DANGEROUS WATERS."

Crossing the Little Tennessee. US 129 makes a sharp right turn at the end of this span.

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