Feb. 28-Mar. 1 2009

This bridge was like my home away from home for a few minutes, wasn't it? Anyway, this is the US 129 bridge over the Little Tennessee River in North Carolina that we had just crossed.

And this is another view of Cheoah Dam.

This is the end of Lake Cheoah, at the dam.

See what I mean about the ice and snow on this trip? I was on this part of US 129 during my 2006 Gatlinburg trip, and it was known for its heavy motorcycle traffic. There was none of that this time, because of the ice. It's not known whether this scene is in North Carolina or Tennessee, but I'd guess the latter.

Another ice-filled scene on US 129.

From an overlook on US 129, this is looking down at the Little Tennessee River just inside Tennessee. Notice the chunks of ice falling from the sky. This overlook is roughly opposite Bunker Hill. Not bunker blast. Bunker Hill.

From the same overlook, this is Calderwood Dam, a hydroelectric facility completed in 1930.

Looking into the Smoky Mountains from an overlook right across the road.

Running across US 129 and looking north.

Back at the first overlook, looking upstream on the Little Tennessee.

Another blur, but it'll have to do. This is the Little Tennessee along US 129.

A better view of US 129 and the mighty Little Tennessee.

Near Tallassee, TN, the Little Tennessee forms Tellico Lake.

We're still on US 129, this time in Maryville, TN, where it crosses US 321 - Lamar Alexander Parkway. The green sign for that street looked like it was blowing away like the last wisps of Lamar Alexander's sanity.

It's...Knoxville! We're entering on US 129, which becomes almost freeway-like going into town. In fact, it appears to be a full freeway from the Tennessee River on. This photo is from near University of Tennessee Medical Center and shows US 129 curving over the river and then to the left.

US 129 over the Tennessee River in Knoxville.

Another photo to truly embody the spirit of Knoxville.

Many of you will recognize the gold sphere (which looks like a giant disco ball) in the center of this photo as the Sunsphere. The Sunsphere is a lingering symbol of the 1982 World's Fair that was held in Knoxville. The fair was hyped heavily, but yielded a profit of only $57.

I-40 east in Knoxville. If we were continuing east through town, we would have had to detour because of road work. Incidentally, Knoxville's I-275 was once part of I-75 (which is logical, for I-275 is the downtown route).

A good view of downtown Knoxville.

I-75 north near Bethel or Lake City, TN.

Stinking is funny. So the fact that there's a Stinking Creek Road must be a barrel of laughs! This is on I-75 north near Jacksboro, TN.

That's it!

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