Apr. 22-24 2011

Georgia. Home of President Jimmy Carter. An all-around cool and nostalgic guy. This amazing car trip yielded almost 80 Georgia photos - and even a few from Tennessee!

Southwest on I-75 near Philadelphia, Tenn. Notice how the bumper of the van on the left is falling off and scraping along the road at 70 MPH.

Just after entering Georgia on I-75.

Southeast on I-75 just north of Atlanta - nearing the I-285 loop. They use Tampa as a control city? Tampa??? (Never mind how they direct long-distance travelers onto the bypass instead of the more fun route through the city.) Also, the tall buildings in the background are not in downtown Atlanta. Furthermore, notice that most BGS's in Georgia omit the dot on the lowercase i.

I-75 in Atlanta - approaching I-85.

I-75 has an HOV-only left-hand ramp to Northside Drive (US 41).

Another view of I-75 with the left-hand Northside Drive ramp.

I-75 entering downtown Atlanta, roughly where it merges with I-85.

The Wells Fargo building. These geniuses kept making harassing phone calls to me for years, even though I've never been a Wells Fargo customer.

Is this where we pick up I-85?

Downtown Atlanta again.

South on I-75/85, I have no idea why there appears to be an unused roadway in the median of this freeway.

It's a world of Coca-Cola out there! A whole world of Coca-Cola just waiting to be poked fun at!

Passing Georgia Tech on I-75/85. Remember when some right-wingers sued Georgia Tech because the school wouldn't let them harass schoolmates? (Somehow the plaintiffs won that suit.)

Same road, same Atlanta. The exit to Williams Street is on the right.

Here it appears as if a transit station was built over the freeway.

I don't know what we're going under here.

Finally! Now we're exiting onto I-20. This tunnel goes under the junction of Memorial Drive and Capitol Avenue.

East on I-20 outside Atlanta, approaching the I-285 loop.

Traffic outside the loop on I-20 was even worse than it was downtown. The suburbs are known for their hostility to efficient transit. Just a few years earlier, one suburban Atlanta county was said to be the largest in the country with no public transportation.

Another view of the traffic jam on I-20. Traffic here was stalled completely.

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