Apr. 22-24 2011

A view from I-20 eastbound near Covington, Ga. The road seen here may have once been US 278, but probably not, as I now suspect US 278 actually ran north of here. (US 278 now uses I-20.)

Continuing east on I-20, as the road that may have once been US 278 also continues. According to the USGS map, this is near where we enter Covington, which has a round boundary here.

US 278 east in Covington.

South on Pace Street in Covington.

Continuing through Covington, are things starting to look a little familiar?

Recognize this? This is the Newton County Courthouse in downtown Covington.

I know you recognize this scene in downtown Covington. Why should you find Covington familiar? Because this was where early episodes of The Dukes Of Hazzard were filmed! I almost expected Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane to start chasing us down the street and uprooting fire hydrants like he always did.

A present from the Peachtree State! This old rail overpass looms over Elm Street in Covington.

This church on Flat Rock Road north of Covington should also be familiar to you. It served as the Boar's Nest in early Dukes Of Hazzard installments. I doubt this building actually has Boss Hogg's escape tunnels though.

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it could be US 129/441 south of Madison, Ga.

Exiting a side road back onto US 129/441.

Hahahahahahahaha! Dubble Bubble Acres! Just like the brand of bubble gum! They even use the same logo! This site on US 129/441 has nothing to do with bubble gum though. It's actually a museum of microcars. They call it Dubble Bubble Acres because the museum's owner also ran the company that made Dubble Bubble gum - not just because they think bubble gum is funny.

Looks like they're making US 441 into a divided highway near Milledgeville. The tall chimney in the background also caught my eye.

I don't know what road this is, but this was from a gas station, probably near Irwinton.

A dirt road near Hoboken, Ga.

A view of Waycross, one of the larger towns in the region. This view is from the US 1/23/82 bypass that actually runs quite close to downtown.

I'm guessing this is GA 90 near Willacoochee.

North on Irwin Avenue in Ocilla. Includes a ONE WAY sign that looks like it's from about 1956.

Peep this brick street in Fitzgerald, Ga. - the county seat of Ben Hill County. Not Benny Hill County, but Ben Hill County.

This has to be near Rochelle, Ga.

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