Apr. 22-24 2011

I assume we left off in Rochelle, Ga., and I rather like some of the buildings here.

An enticing dirt road near Pineview or Finleyson.

I'm not sure what road this is, but again it's in the Pineview/Finleyson area.

In Vienna, Ga., you can see the Dooly County Courthouse on the left. According to Wikipedia, the town name is pronounced "vy-en-uh."

An unidentified road near Andersonville - site of Camp Sumter, a terrifying Confederate-run POW camp where thousands of Union soldiers died of disease, starvation, and abuse.

Andersonville National Historic Site has the National Prisoner of War Museum, plus monuments like these on the site of the POW camp. The tallest monument is this obelisk for Ohio's military personnel who died at Andersonville.

Jimmy Carter Regional Airport is 6 miles northeast of Americus, Ga., and is owned by that city. It's primarily a general aviation facility.

Wayne's World, Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent! Seriously, that's the name of this gas station in Americus. Just like those guys on Saturday Night Live!

Americus is actually a reasonably large town. Habitat for Humanity was founded in Americus even before Carter became President, and Americus was the site of Georgia's first electric streetcar system. Americus was even Georgia's 8th-largest city into the 20th century.

A nice photo of downtown Americus.

Continuing through downtown Americus.

I guess this is US 280 leaving Americus (as the one-way couplet approaches US 19).

Entering Plains, Ga., on US 280/GA 27.

US 280 at Bond Street in Plains. Bond Street goes to the Jimmy Carter Visitor Center. In the background is Billy Carter's Service Station.

The old Plains High School serves as the visitor center and is part of the sprawling Jimmy Carter National Historic Site. This building is no longer used as a school, but it was the alma mater of both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The visitor center features a museum that displays many artifacts from the former President's life (including the paddle that the high school once applied to many a student's backside).

North on GA 45 (Bond Street) at Hospital Street in Plains.

This peanut statue lurks in front of a store on GA 45 in Plains.

The face of the 13-foot-tall statue was modeled after Jimmy Carter. The sculpture was constructed for Carter's 1976 campaign. Carter has to pass this statue every Sunday when he goes to church!

I'm not sure what road this is, but it's probably GA 45 north of Plains.

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