Apr. 22-24 2011

Jimmy Carter's church! This is Maranatha Baptist Church north of Plains, Ga.

Dirt road near Plains.

Billy Carter's Service Station on US 280 in Plains. The former gas station owned by the President's brother is now a museum. Plans to add the museum to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site were scuttled by right-wing lawmakers.

GA 45/308 in Plains.

We think this is Old Plains Highway going out towards the Carter boyhood home and farm. There's a good chance this used to be US 280, and perhaps a young Jimmy Carter trekked it when it was.

Jimmy Carter's favorite childhood outhouse. Carter once wrote that his boyhood home eventually got indoor plumbing, but when the pipes froze, the toilet was knocked over.

The house where Carter lived through most of his youth. The Carters were never rich. When the future leader of the free world was growing up, his father was a peanut farmer who ran a store that sold lollipops for a penny apiece. That's not exactly a life on Easy Street.

I guess this is Old Plains Highway in front of Carter's childhood digs.

From in front of Carter's boyhood farm, I deduce that this is looking across Old Plains Highway and ahead on Bootlegger Road.

These appear to be some type of goats or sheep. I don't know why the government has these animals on the Carter farm. This was in a field where a young Jimmy Carter once toiled. One of Carter's most hated tasks was spreading molasses on the fields to get rid of boll weevils, causing his pants to get caked with molasses all the way up to the knees. I bet bees stung him a lot!

I'm not sure what road this is, but it might be Carter Fishpond Road. (Several roads in the area seem to be named for the Carter family.)

Just after the previous photo.

This building on Hospital Street in Plains was once the hospital where Carter was born.

The intersection of 6th (GA 26) & Broad (GA 41) in Buena Vista, Ga.

We swooped around Atlanta's west suburbs on surface roads. I'm not even going to attempt to figure out where or what this overpass is.

I figure this is near the Atlanta suburb of Powder Springs, since that's a Powder Springs police car.

Ooh, an Allowed Cloud! This sign describes in detail a controversial Marietta city ordinance passed in 1999 against soliciting for or picking up day labor. What I find ironic is that even though the law targets immigrants, whoever made this sign apparently can't speak English themselves, because the English-language portion misspells the name Marietta.

From a gas station near Charleston, Tenn. This is looking ahead on Frontage Road along the west side of I-75.

The ramp from SEC 308 to I-75 north near Charleston, Tenn. The sign on the gate reads, "ROAD CLOSED DUE TO FOG."

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