May 24-25 2014

North on US 23/GA 42 at I-20 in Atlanta.

On the ramp from I-20 west to I-75/85 north, we go under Capitol Avenue.

North on I-75/85.

I-75/85 approaching Freedom Parkway (GA 10).

Freedom Parkway at Boulevard. This is one of only a few at-grade intersections on Freedom Parkway. In its planning stages, the road was known as Presidential Parkway and Jimmy Carter Parkway.

Freedom Parkway goes under Randolph Street.

Freedom Parkway goes under this structure, which was designed to keep the road free of ice falling from the nearby TV tower.

Freedom Parkway begats an eastern leg that's basically a one-lane, one-way road. This is Connector GA 42 eastbound. It runs to US 23/GA 42.

The one-lane road splits and takes us back west.

The Carter Presidential Center contains the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. A nearby building houses the Carter Center, a nongovernmental organization that fights for human rights, health care, and fairness in elections. But it was also criticized by right-wing pundits for endorsing Venezuela's electoral process when a recall referendum failed to oust Hugo Chávez.

The one-lane westbound leg of Freedom Parkway approaches its end.

The one-lane road ends here at the main Freedom Parkway.

Going the other way under the ice shelter on Freedom Parkway.

Freedom Parkway continues. Still GA 10!

Freedom Parkway at Boulevard.

Weren't we here already? This is Freedom Parkway approaching I-75/85.

The ramp to I-75/85 north. It's unusual in that there's actually a "one car per green" traffic light on the ramp.

Up ahead, I-75/85 tunnels under the junction of Courtland Street & Ralph McGill Boulevard. There appears to be a small park at that intersection over the freeway.

This would be another interesting LeftMaps moment: The Interstate goes under a transit station called Civic Center, which opened in 1981. Civic Center is thought to be the only transit station in the world that has parts that are underground and parts that are above a road.

Approaching where I-75 and I-85 split up.

About the sky: It cracked a roo. We were caught in a colossal thunderstorm on I-75 in far northwestern Georgia.

Behind a Megabus on I-75 in Tennessee. Notice how a vent on the rear of the bus makes it look like the man has a Hitler mustache.

Finally, we're in Caryville, Tenn. This is leaving the Pilot station where someone put a catalog for RV parts in the toilet. We're on TN 63 at I-75. This is interesting because the road just seems to end at the strip of businesses along the base of the mountain up ahead. (TN 63 actually uses I-75 south of here.)

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