Dec. 26 2008

This was another of our late night adventures! This time it was after midnight in the vicinity of the Covington campus of Gateway Community & Technical College. It may as well be the Park Hills campus, for it's up on a hill to make it harder to get to, but that's another matter entirely. While these photos are good by nighttime standards, most of them aren't road-specific but are attempts to get a cityscape.

There exists a long, steep set of steps from US 25 up to the campus. Looking down the steps (through the fog), you'll notice someone wrote "TURN BACK" on the handrail.

Looking down - way down - from near the top of the steps.

From the hill upon which rests the college, this was one of my better night shots. I-75 runs horizontally across the middle. Downtown Covington is near the left.

This is unmistakably the skyline of Cincinnati. Downtown Covington is just to the right of it. The Columbia Parkway area seems to run from the right of that to the edge of the photo.

Moving a little to the west, this would almost have to be looking north on Covington's Western Avenue.

An attempt to zoom in on downtown Covington - which wasn't easy, but I did it. You can vaguely make out the signs for Holiday Inn and Waffle House. You can also make out the taller, roughly cylindrical Radisson Hotel near I-75 at the 4th/5th exit. The top of it is where the alternating red and green lights are. (Contrary to popular belief, that was not the hotel where singer Elvis Costello launched his infamous tirade. That episode occurred 100 miles from here at a Holiday Inn in Columbus, OH.)

Down at US 25, near where Pike Street becomes Dixie Highway.

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