Oct. 2006

This 3-part set of photos is from a trip to the Gatlinburg, TN, area. Much mischief transpired on this trip, much to the chagrin of the forces of doom. And many bunker blasts wafted. These photos are of roads, other geographic features, and wildlife.

I didn't take any photos from within the business district of Gatlinburg, for this resort town is so clogged with shops for tourists. But this is Gatlinburg as seen from the bypass west of town. When I came here when I was 11 in 1984, I kept throwing candy wrappers from the top of the Space Needle.

This is part of the aforementioned bypass, which is labeled on some maps as part of the Foothills Parkway. Unlike most bypasses, this one actually saves time and looks presentable.

Continuing on US 441 into the Smoky Mountains.

A bit further on US 441.

Here we're further still on US 441, looking down at a stretch of the road we just traveled.

Even further on US 441, looking down - way down - at a lower stretch.

We drove US 441 about to the border with North Carolina and along the road to Clingmans Dome. This is from near the top of the Smoky Mountains.

This is from that same area. I don't know what these individual mountains are called or exactly where they are.

Looking into North Carolina from around the same spot. We figured that the water you see is probably Fontana Lake.

Yet another view of some unidentified peaks in the Smokies.

This is in the area south of King Branch Road between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. It's a couple miles southwest of Boogertown Road. (BOOGERTOWN! Hahaha!) This is near where that misleading EXIT sign at an intersection had an appointment with the boltcutters. (The removal of this sign probably saved a lot of frustration for motorists.) Most of the roads right around here are one-lane gravel stretches like this, and have steep hills.

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