Oct. 2006

Our group lodged at a rural cabin outside Gatlinburg. We were 4 miles from Pigeon Forge and 9 miles from Sevierville. This view is from the cabin. The mountain on the horizon just to the right of the center of the photo could be somewhere around Slate Knobs, 12 miles away, but I was originally suspecting something even further away.

A bit to the right of the previous shot. I'm taking an educated guess that the mountains in the distance on the right are around McBee Hill or Carmines Mountain (18 miles), but that's pretty far. One of the closer peaks could be Davids Knob. We figured the light spot just beyond the closer range and below the center of the picture, is probably Sevierville.

From the cabin, we're looking out at the ridiculously congested US 441 in Pigeon Forge.

This is from about the same spot, later in the evening. The sun angle makes the furthest range of mountains easier to see. Knoxville is 28 miles, but the mountains could be even beyond that. (Flight Simulator indicates that the mountains are near the Kentucky border, but that's quite a stretch.)

I'm not absolutely sure about this, but this tunnel would almost have to be on Little River Road. The road was named for Little River Band, the popular Australian band of the 1970s. (Just joking.) It runs from near Gatlinburg towards Cades Cove.

From a field in Cades Cove, this is the western part of the Smokies (5 miles).

This is a creek at a picnic area along Little River Road. This is where a bee chased us around and caused us to spill food everywhere. This is also pretty close to where a hat flew out the car window.

Along a road leading up to the auto trail on the east side of Gatlinburg. You can see 2 wild turkeys standing in the road.

This is the auto trail. It's like a nature trail, except it's a one-way road you can drive on.

A beautiful creek with a small waterfall along the auto trail.

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