Mar. 7 2015

We drove to Grand Rapids and back all in one day. It's feasible.

On the way up through Cincinnati on northbound I-75, this is the rebuilt exit to Hopple Street. This ramp replaced the old left-hand exit that used a looped ramp.

I-75 in Franklin, Ohio, goes past the Dayton Daily News printing plant on the left. Thus, Dayton's leading newspaper is actually printed in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Look it up: Warren County is within the Cincinnati metropolitan area as defined by the government.

US 127 uses Washington Street in Van Wert, Ohio.

I-69 near Auburn, Ind. It no longer has US 27, since that route was truncated at Fort Wayne in 2001. What it does have is this billboard with Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue.

I-69 enters Michigan! It's a shame they no longer have their "Yes! Michigan! Welcome!" signage.

There's a US 12?! This is US 12 in Coldwater, Mich. It was once US 112 here, and before that, MI 23. US 12 used to be further north before I-94 supplanted it there.

US 131 uses a freeway from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids and then north past Cadillac. This photo is right between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, where they appear to be building a new bridge over the road.

The US 131 freeway continues in Grand Rapids.

US 131 again. Why is there a Wealthy Street?

Downtown Grand Rapids pops into view again.

Continuing on US 131.

Another view of downtown. The most prominent building here is Plaza Towers - though River House Condominiums, in the background at far left, is the city's tallest. Plaza Towers was completed in 1991. It has a swanky hotel on floors 1 thru 7, and residences on floors 8 thru 32. Structural issues forced the building to be closed from 1995-97. Numerous lawsuits have resulted from the building's many struggles. At lower left, you can barely see a bridge with a blue truss. That span is called the Blue Bridge.

Some bridges over the Grand River. The bridge in front is Fulton Street. The Blue Bridge is behind it. Plaza Towers is at right.

The ramp down to Pearl Street. US 131 is on the wall at left. River House Condominiums is the tall building in the background. That skyscraper full of very expensive residences was completed in 2008. It's the tallest building in Michigan outside Detroit, and its parking garage fills 7 floors.

The ramp at Pearl. Scribner Avenue is straight ahead, along with a ramp at left up to US 131. After US 131 hits I-196, it becomes I-296, which is now unsigned but was once signed.

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