July 29 2020

This outing covered western Ohio and eastern Indiana, but Greenville was central to the event. There was something really funny in Greenville! I mean, it's hilarious! Just you watch!

As I-75 blasts north from Cincinnati, the exit is for Cincinnati-Dayton Road. The main significance of Cincinnati-Dayton Road is that it was once US 25. I bet that was really fun with that low rail bridge not far north of here!

This part of OH 129 is a freeway called Butler County Veterans Highway. As Hamilton is one of America's biggest cities with no direct Interstate highway access, OH 129 serves as its freeway link. This road was once called Michael A. Fox Highway, but a bill by a rival politician renamed it. Fox was later sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to complicity to commit mail and wire fraud and filing a false tax return. Michael A. Fox is not to be confused with actor Michael J. Fox.

OH 129 has an exit to Byp OH 4, a bypass on the east of Hamilton.

OH 129 becomes High Street as we enter Hamilton. Hamilton officially has an exclamation point in its name: Hamilton! But the only place I remember seeing it written that way was in a zip code index in a phone book. If LeftMaps ever puts out a Butler County guide, it will also write it that way, but I'll probably retire before this can be published.

OH 129 approaching Fair Avenue. Hamilton itself is really sort of a self-contained area within greater Cincinnati. I probably hadn't been to Hamilton more than once or twice in my adult life.

OH 129 approaches downtown Hamilton.

OH 129 has this interesting underpass under the rail bridge. So it has a little frontage road at right to access side streets.

The underpass is called the Jack Kirsch Underpass and opened in 1984.

North on US 127 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard or old 4th).

At some point, US 127 picks up 3rd.

US 127 enters New Miami. Don't even get me started on some of the events that have taken place here in my lifetime.

A chartreuse speed limit sign? This is US 127 in New Miami.

US 127 at OH 725 in Camden.

US 127 a bit north of Camden.

US 127 uses Barron Street in Eaton. We're gonna get Eaton alive!

US 127 at downtown Eaton!

Preble County Fair? You mean Preble County Unfair, because Mike DeWine vomited one of his infamous diktats and forced them to close the fair to the public. This is US 127 in Eaton again.

US 127 (Main Sreet) in Castine. The house on the left had a Trump banner. Was this before or after the propellerhead exodus?

Trojan tee-hee-hee! This is US 127 again.

OH 49 entering Greenville! This was once also US 127.

Apparently we've lost OH 49. This is Sweitzer Street.

Sweitzer becomes 4th.

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