July 29 2020

Northeast on 4th in Greenville.

Northwest on OH 49/121/571 (Broadway Street). OH 571 is an old friend from our Springfield outing 9 days earlier. As in our Springfield event, OH 571 was once OH 71. This stretch was also once US 127.

OH 49/118/571 (Broadway Street) at Water. Up ahead, this road goes over Greenville Creek.

Looking out at Broadway, you see that the people of Greenville have the good fortune to have a gum wall. This wall is the outside of a sandwich shop, and it's covered with thousands of chewed wads of gum. Some of it appeared to have just been placed there, and people had clearly blown big bubbles with some of these fresh wads. People have stuck coins, paper, and aluminum pull tabs in the gum. A news article said, "Wads of Bazooka, Wrigley's and Bubble Yum cover the red brick walls." The piece also said Ohio political leaders such as John Kasich and John Boehner have stuck their chewed gum on this wall. It did not say whether they bubbled.

This looks like a small road running southeast from the gum wall, but I can't find it on any map. It seems to run down to Greenville Creek. Maybe there's a secret gum cave back there inhabited by a species of gum monsters who roam the town in the middle of the night pilfering gum from stores.

OH 118 splits fron OH 49/571. Indeed it does.

As OH 49/571 angles from North Main onto Wayne, we see some signy oldness at right. The EXCEPT RIGHT TURN plate under the stop sign looks mighty old, but behind that there's a railroad crossbuck that looks much older. It's like if you go to your grandparents' house and your mom blocks your grandma from giving you a piece of bubble gum.

OH 571 (Main Street) in Union City.

OH 571 becomes IN 28 (Chestnut Street) as we cross Stateline Street into Union City, Ind. The Indiana side of town was the onetime home of musician Rick Derringer. It appears as if the Ohio and Indiana towns are in different school districts - unlike the unusual situation in College Corner, Ohio, and West College Corner, Ind., where the school district crosses the state line (but is run by Indiana). College Corner used to have its own high school, and its football team was banned from play for 100 years because it recruited college players. With the total collapse of the American education system in the early 2020s, I don't know what the future holds for any school.

At Haysville Corner, IN 32 charges rightward, while IN 227 is straight ahead.

As IN 32 trends left, County Road 125N is straight ahead. We just crossed the Greenville Treaty Line.

How does my beloved Big Two-Seven fit in here? US 27 is not a full freeway, but it does have an exit to IN 32.

IN 32 (Washington Street) in Winchester.

IN 32 near Parker City. I tried getting a photo of the billboard because it mentioned "soil."

IN 32 approaches US 35, IN 3, and IN 67, which team up for a freeway bypass on the east of Muncie. The completely faded shield would have to be for IN 3. I don't know what the deal is with the west IN 67 sign, as IN 67 is considered north-south, and this isn't IN 67 anyway. IN 32 uses Jackson Street ahead.

It was so rare for businesses to not be closed that they actually had to advertise being open. This is IN 32 in Muncie again.

We look out over a rail bridge that crosses the White River.

As IN 32 goes under a rail bridge, it splits into a one-way pair and makes us use Main Street.

The IN 32 split.

IN 32 west (Main Street) at Pershing.

Here we approach Monroe Street.

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