July 29 2020

Work is good. And funny. And a great American pastime! This is south on US 27/IN 227 in Richmond, Ind.

Southbound US 27/IN 227 bolts from 9th onto 8th in downtown Richmond. Ninth has a Skywalk-type structure over it just ahead.

This is where we veer onto 8th.

South on 8th in downtown Richmond. A couple blocks ahead, we cross Main, the site of a deadly 1968 gas explosion that killed 41 and destroyed many buildings.

Continuing on 8th.

A construction logjam on US 27 at Potter Shop Road south of Richmond.

East on Fox Run Road. This is where we discovered we had missed our turn back in Liberty.

Continuing on Fox Run.

Fox Run Road again! Every time I think of that road name, I think of the song from the same band that gave us "Bathroom Blitz."

East on Hedrick Road at Springfield Road.

Back in Ohio, this is southeast on US 27 at Nichols Road. This road used to be dotted with billboards warning that it was a "highway to heaven" because of its fatal accident rate.

US 27 at OH 130 in McGonigle. US 27 goes under a rail bridge up ahead. This used to be more of a Y-intersection. I remember going through here around 1987 and noticing it.

East on OH 130 (Old Oxford Road).

OH 177 in Hamilton at Washington Boulevard.

Cereal Avenue! Like Froot Loops! Remember when cereal used to sometimes include bubble gum as a prize? Anyway, this is southeast on OH 177 (Main Street) at Edgewood Avenue.

As we approach downtown Hamilton, Main Street picks up OH 129. Here we're getting close to E Street.

OH 129 at D Street.

Main Street becomes High Street as we cross the Great Miami River. The bridge has a ramp from Ross Avenue merging into it.

From the OH 129 bridge, this is looking down the Great Miami River at a rail span.

Remember the OH 129 underpass in Hamilton on the way out? Well, this is going back the other way.

Remember how George H.W. Bush hated broccoli? This is I-75 south in Cincinnati, probably just before we go under the Ludlow Avenue Viaduct.

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