Feb. 5 2017

Highland Heights! My hometown! These 4 photos were from a very minor automotive scholaring in which roads got pept, wept, and oggle-bept. This was the same day I correctly predicted "Pop Goes The World" would appear in an American Top 40 rerun.

Northwest on Taylor Road! When I was very young, I always wanted to go down here, but it took years.

Southwest on Main at Renshaw. Hard to say, but I'd say this intersection is really the center point of town, since the city's model home was at this junction. At right is some new senior housing - which replaces the now-defunct Highland Heights Elementary School (where I got swats, and where my 5th grade teacher had John Denver Thursdays).

Baker Street (which Google Maps ignores). The building is part of the new senior housing.

Northeast on Main at Renshaw. Can you see the stop sign? It's pretty much completely faded. The orange diamond sign on Renshaw prohibited construction traffic - which reams a big Bazooka hole through the bleatings of those who say Bellevue can't restrict Manhattan Harbour construction trucks.

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