June 2006

Looking west on Three Mile at Gibson. This is the intersection where my bike inner tube popped, on account of being defective. As I was fixing the tire, a youngster in a car that sped by declared, "Hey, I pooped in the woods!"

Further still on Three Mile. (Still a state route!)

Another one-lane bridge on Three Mile. This scene was immediately endangered: A bulldozer was already milling about next to the bridge.

I guess if we plow through the guardrail, it's KY 9 straight ahead. Wait, no, KY 9 is the road we're crossing - just ask the sign at left. But wait, the sign assembly at right says that's KY 2345, at least if you go left. Seriously, folks, some joker rotated the sign assembly so it faces traffic coming off KY 2345 instead of off southbound KY 9 like it should. Man, I bet whoever did that was a meany!

This is looking up KY 2345 from the same junction. KY 9 of course is Licking Pike. This stretch of KY 2345 is old KY 9. KY 9 was routed onto the new road only in the late '90s or early '00s. Johns Hill Road thus was extended along what used to be Licking Pike.

We were due for another one of these, weren't we? This is KY 9 approaching Moock Road.

How many odd views of Cincinnati can there possibly be? And there's gonna be yet more where this came from! We're continuing north on KY 9 through Wilder. Note the lack of sidewalks, adequate shoulders, or even a wide enough grassy strip along the road. In a 45 MPH zone, no less! A bad situation for bicyclists.

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