July 2007

This 6-part set of photos is from my trip to the Huntington, WV, area. It's fortified with 70 essential photos, solely for your (and my) gratification. (Since I know you're gonna ask, it rained on this trip - making this the third consecutive event on this website in which it rained.)

We stopped at this covered bridge in Bracken County, KY, on the way to Huntington. This beautiful sign gives you the vitals you need to know!

The 1824 covered bridge discussed on the sign. The span is no longer usable by cars.

Another view of that historic bridge!

The side of the bridge as seen from the creek.

This is the other side of the bridge. They don't make 'em quite like this anymore, do they?

Sines, sines, sines! This is a dull, nondescript intersection on the edge of Maysville, KY. Here we're looking northeast into town.

Looking east on the AA (Alexandria-Ashland) Highway near Tollesboro, KY. (Those in the know call it KY 9.)

To counter the forces of doom, I expanded and resized this and several other photos slightly. This is continuing east on the AA Highway.

This crispy amulet baked into the shape of Bob Saget's head is both KY 2 and KY 7. Here we're heading south in Carter County.

East on US 60 in Grayson, KY!

Continuing on US 60 in Grayson.

I don't know how we ended up on the side of the road here, but this is a weird view of US 60 on the east side of Grayson.

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