July 2007

The bipping continues with US 60 in Kentucky! I think this is facing west in eastern Carter County.

This is a view from the inside of the Ramada Inn near Catlettsburg, KY. This hotel is most noted for the fact that the swimming pool was closed, causing us to demand that they cancel our reservations. (We weren't about to waste our hard-earned money paying for a pool we couldn't even use.) Most of what you see here is a refinery, but to the left of that you can see the I-64 bridge to West Virginia.

Here we're going north on US 23 from Catlettsburg into Ashland. Note the narrow median and the rail line. (US 60 uses this part of US 23.)

A view from the Quality Inn on the south side of Ashland. (At least this hotel had a pool that worked.) That's US 23 again, with a residential neighborhood beyond that.

Now things are really cookin'! We've just turned off US 23 in Catlettsburg, and we're going south on Center Street. Peep the underpass that this road forms under the rail line! You can also see the Ohio River in the background. Center Street is still a state route - KY 3294 - but it was US 60 not too many years before. (It also used to be US 23!)

The floodwall in Catlettsburg features this beautiful mural! The mural is designed to represent the colorful history of that river town. A bit south of here, the floodwall resumes with yet another mural.

Looking south on Center Street again.

Another good view of the mural.

I figure this has to be at the end of Center Street, approaching 26th.

The road behind the floodwall (off the bottom of 26th) seemed kind of like a forbidden zone - but that's where we're standing. This photo is where 3 states come together: 1) We're in Kentucky. 2) The area on the right is in Kenova, WV. 3) The area further back on the left is in Ohio. Just in front of the West Virginia portion, the Big Sandy River flows into the mighty Ohio River. The bridge you see is a rail span at Kenova.

From the same spot, looking up the Big Sandy. You can see 2 bridges, one in front of the other. The one in front, with no framework, is the US 60 span. Behind that is a rail bridge.

Now we're heading back west on 26th. I'd say this is downtown Catlettsburg.

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