July 2007

Leaving Catlettsburg and entering Kenova on the US 60 bridge over the Big Sandy River. This is not an ancient bridge. I determined that it was built in 1988 to replace a bridge that stood just to the north. (For the record, 1988 is not what I consider a good year, but West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky stood tall as beacons of sanity surrounded by a sea of despair.)

From the US 60 bridge, looking south at the rail span.

Continuing on US 60 in Kenova.

Another 3-state photo. We're on the tip of a peninsula in Kenova that forms at the mouth of the Big Sandy. Now Catlettsburg is on the left and Ohio is on the right.

Back in Ashland! For me, this was a new view of this industrial city. This is northeast on 13th Street, which carries eastbound US 60 here. (Westbound US 60 uses Martin Luther King Boulevard, one block to the left of here.)

Just a little bit further on 13th. Straight ahead, you can see the road feeding into a bridge with a blue framework. Usually the bridge is one-way, but I'll discuss that more later. (Thirteenth Street loses US 60 just before reaching the bridge.)

We're finally in Huntington! This is going north on 10th Street. It's a nice little city, isn't it?

Down on the Ohio River in Huntington (which was inexplicably flowing backwards), we got to see this bridge. This span feeds into 5th and 6th streets. It didn't open until 1994, replacing an older structure.

Standing right on the river, basically looking under the bridge shown above. Off in the distance you can see the bridge for the US 52 freeway.

From the Huntington riverfront, looking towards Chesapeake, OH. On the right you can see a bridge, which would have to be the OH 7 span over Symmes Creek. The mouth of the creek appears right under the bridge.

Looking back south on 10th Street in downtown Huntington.

Imagine the peaceful sound of the Ohio River lapping up against the Huntington riverfront. Then look at the duckies giving themselves a bath. They're good little animals, aren't they?

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