July 2007

Returning to Ashland by going southeast on US 23. This is looking straight towards downtown. You can see the pair of one-way bridges on the left. The green one is in front, and is in the middle of being repainted. You can see a covering over much of the framework.

This is in Louisa, KY, right where the Tug Fork and the Levisa Fork form the Big Sandy River. We're leaving town on KY 3, which goes off to the right. This was the best picture I could get of this scene, because I was so surprised to find not a simple bridge, and not a Y-bridge either, but a T-bridge: This intersection is actually on the bridge. The bridge basically crosses both forks of the river, with this intersection in the middle. The span then goes to Fort Gay, WV.

This - the road in the background, that is - is WV 75 near Kenova, just north of I-64. That road is pretty average for highways in this area. (Jobs! Insurance! Get one just to spend your whole paycheck on the other!)

The reflection in the car window ruins this photo. (The magic word!) Now we're on I-64 crossing the Big Sandy River back to Kentucky. We're looking north on the river.

Now we're going home! This is back in Ashland again, heading onto the 13th Street bridge.

Here we're on the 13th Street span, looking into Ohio. US 52 in this area is a somewhat elaborate divided highway (true to form for the Buckeye State). It looks like a large rock blast had to be made to construct US 52.

Reentering Kentucky on the Jesse Stuart Memorial Bridge. This span looms over Greenup Dam and carries the KY 10 dogleg of the AA Highway. (The brief Ohio portion is OH 253.)

Back in Kentucky, nearing the end of the aforementioned bridge. The JCT KY 10 sign is superfluous, since we're already on KY 10. That route continues straight ahead.

Here we're driving onto the historic Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge near Argentum, KY. Yes, this structure is still open for car traffic. In fact, KY 3112 (an unsigned state route) is made up wholly of this bridge. A large, white dog is just ahead of us, guiding us through the span.

A cleaner shot of the Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge.

Looking north on a rain-soaked KY 7, from the junction with the covered bridge road.

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