July 2007

A closer, sharper view of the Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge, with the swollen creek below it. We had to get as many covered bridge photos as possible, because the number of covered bridges is shrinking, and when they're gone, they're gone. (Or as Mr. Big would say, "When it's through, it's through...")

This beautiful turtle was in the roadway on the KY 10 leg of the AA Highway near the Greenup/Lewis county line. We rescued this affable reptile by moving the animal to the shoulder.

Back in Maysville, near the heart of town.

I can't believe I got a picture this good out of the car's side window as we were moving. This is the bridge from central Maysville to Aberdeen, OH - the old routing of US 62/68.

The new US 62/68 span, as seen from KY 8. This facility is part of a new Maysville bypass.

Go on a journey, Ernie! Eat some dirt, Bert! Go to Dover, Grover! (Sung to the tune of "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.") We're driving onto a covered bridge near Dover, KY. Like the Bennetts Mill structure, this one is still open to cars, and makes up all of an unsigned state route - KY 3113, in this case.

A closer view of the Dover span.

The covered bridge is hard to notice if you're looking for it from KY 8. That's because you'll first see this replacement span. As of July 2007, however, the covered bridge remains open even for thru traffic, despite this newer, quicker bridge.

Yet another view of the covered bridge at Dover.

Hopefully the brightness control on your monitor works. This photo of the inside of the covered bridge came out very dark - but wo! I gamma corrected it! (That's an inside joke, people.) This would have to be one of very few wood-paved state routes anywhere.

After devouring lunchage in Augusta, KY, we tried returning to KY 8. We found this dirt road off Long Stretch Road and went up this hill to what we thought would be KY 8. But it wasn't. It was different in many ways. We forgot that the rail line parallels KY 8, and what we thought would be KY 8 turned out to be the rail line. There was no warning of a railroad crossing, and the car got stuck on the tracks. Horrified gasps were heard.

I wonder if the agency responsible for maintaining this road knows just how close they came to killing us. If a train was coming, we would have been well on our way to meeting thy maker!

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