Sep. 7-10 2022

Ready for the road trip of the decade? This one was so meaty that this 9-part photo shoot covers only the first part of it. I even picked up 2 new states - meaning I've now been to every state in the lower 48. These 9 parts take us almost to the end of my trek through one of these new states. Can you guess what it is?

Chestnut Street in Le Roy, Ill. The Casey's convenience store at center left is where I saw a Clint Eastwood look-alike.

Our first Sesame Street reference of the trip: Sully, as in construction workers Biff and Sully. This is I-74 near Galesburg, Ill.

I don't know if I had this before, but this is I-80 as it bypasses Davenport, Iowa, on the east. Here we cross from Illinois to Iowa on the Fred Schwengel Memorial Bridge, a 1966 span over the Mississippi River. There are plans to build a new bridge and use this bridge as a walkway for bison as part of a national park.

The official Iowa welcome on I-80.

Our route from home to Sioux Falls, S.D., is roughly a redo of my 1992 trip to the Dakotas. Here we get on I-380 near Iowa City, and it appears as if there's some sort of construction project in progress.

In Cedar Rapids, I-380 goes under Wright Brothers Boulevard. "Discover bubble gum too! Pop!"

Another construction project on I-380.

I-380 again. Astute Roads Scholars may notice that this is the end of the innocence: Iowa was one of the last holdouts in using circular shields for 3-digit state routes, but now the ovals are starting to creep in.

Looking north from the ramp from US 20 to US 71 near Sac City, this ominous sign warns of a road closure.

North on 5th in Sac City.

Another Sesame Street reference! Continuing on 5th, this business is called Ernie's Place. The initial E is even shaped like Ernie! Best all, there used to be a diner in the same building called Bert's.

Fifth Street again.

A viaduct on IA 12/Biz US 20 in Sioux City. This road is also known as (ahem) Gordon Drive.

Downtown Sioux City from the viaduct.

From the viaduct, this is looking at some rail bridges over the Floyd River.

Gordon Drive again. The bridge at left is the Siouxland Veterans Memorial Bridge, which brings US 77/Biz US 20 across the Missouri River to South Sioux City, Neb.

North on Nebraska Street approaching downtown Sioux City.

Downtown Sioux City has some Skywalk-style structures over Nebraska Street.

West on 3rd. A parking garage looms over the road.

Feeder ramp for I-29.

The South Dakota welcome on I-29 in North Sioux City, S.D.

Biz I-29 uses 477th Avenue in Elk Point, S.D. We pulled off here to make sure we didn't leave our chargers at the motel.

Returning to I-29 on 477th.

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