Sep. 7-10 2022

As I-90 in South Dakota crosses the Missouri River - which forms Lake Francis Case here - we also see a rail bridge on the left.

This is in Oacoma, S.D. - home of a terrible restaurant. Dougan Avenue becomes an unpaved road up ahead.

Old US 16 in Oacoma. A 1954 map shows US 16 on an even earlier routing, largely on roads now buried by the widened river.

Old US 16 in Oacoma again.

I-90 just outside Oacoma. Old US 16 is on the right and trails off into an unpaved road.

Old US 16 is still on the right and pretty much ends here.

Rachael Ray doesn't know how to bubble. Her show once had a segment about bubble gum, and she tried to blow a bubble but failed. This is I-90 near Kennebec.

I-90 near Vivian.

I-90 again. This is like on The Dukes Of Hazzard when Rosco would crash his car through Boss Hogg's face on a billboard.

Maybe soon we'll see billboards that say a restaurant's food is so good that Mike DeWine will lock it down for 2 months.

I-90 again.

I-90 at Big Foot Road.

I-90 near Wall - where iced tea got dumped in a Coke dispenser during my 2002 trip.

I-90 near Wasta.

I-90 in Rapid City. I-90 had picked up US 14 back in Wall. The main destination city here seems to shift to Gillette, Wyo. Every time I think of Gillette, I think of the commercial that went, "The best a man can get!"

I-90 enters Wyoming!

I-90 a few miles after entering Wyoming. I'm focusing on the airplane on a post on the right.

I-90 near Sundance.

Darkening skies on I-90.

I-90 near Moorcroft.

There's a portable restroom just sitting in the median of I-90. This would have come in handy because of all the closed rest areas we saw.

I-90 near Buffalo, Wyo. The road at left is what Google labels as T W Road.

I-90 picks up US 87, but more significantly, this is the northern terminus of I-25.

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