Sep. 7-10 2022

RAIN RUINED THE WHOLE TRIP!!! This has to be I-90 approaching Sheridan, Wyo.

A McDonaldland bridge over I-90 north of Sheridan.

A video showing I-90/US 87 entering Montana! At the same time, we also enter the Crow Nation's reservation.

I-90 overlays US 87 here, and this is a view of a rail bridge over the Bighorn River.

I-90 again. It appears as if the frontage at right is not old US 87. Rather, US 87 was where the left side of I-90 is now.

This is at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Right here is the site of Custer's Last Stand - an 1876 battle that killed George Armstrong Custer and all his soldiers. These markers show where soldiers fell. The monument was the site of protests during the battle's 100th anniversary by many who felt it wrongly held up Custer as a hero and celebrated westward expansion.

A view from Little Bighorn Battlefield. Battlefield Road may be running horizontally across the middle of the photo, while US 212 may be the more prominent road behind it, but that's a wild guess.

This has to be Battlefield Road approaching US 212.

Back on I-90. We've picked up US 212.

Fly Creek Road trails off into unpaved goodness.

Fly Creek Road approaches Spring Road.

This is where we decided to turn back because we were afraid it would ruin the car if we went any further.

Heading back to I-90 on Fly Creek Road.

Approaching the paved part of Fly Creek Road.

I-90 again!

North on Pryor Creek Road.

SEC 568 near Pompeys Pillar. Montana secondary routes use an arrowhead shield similar to Bureau of Indian Affairs routes. This used to be US 312, and US 10 and 12 even earlier, as the current US 12 north of here was MT 6. Pompeys Pillar is the sandstone formation at right.

A road at Pompeys Pillar National Monument.

A closer view of Pompeys Pillar. Modern techniques were used to locate William Clark's Yellowstone River camp. An informational sign said it was found when traces of mercury led researchers to the site of the latrine, as medications back then contained lots of mercury. An interesting bit of poo history!

Standing along Pompeys Pillar. The area at right encased in glass is Clark's signature left in 1806, though it's hard to discern here.

I made a special climb up the Pompeys Pillar staircase to see this - making my legs sore for a week. This is a view of the old Bundy Road bridge over the Yellowstone River. The modern crossing is just behind it, while the old 1915 span is open as a pedestrian bridge.

This tiny frog was sighted hopping around in front of Pompeys Pillar.

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