Sep. 7-10 2022

This is what Google labels as South 16th Road in Ballantine, Mont.

Continuing north into Ballantine.

Back south again.

Exit 0 represents the western end of I-94 near Billings.

Construction was laid on thick on this trip, but here on I-90, we could still see downtown Billings up ahead!

It's...Billings! The taller building at center left was once deemed to be the tallest load-bearing brick building in the world.

Another view of Billings.

On I-90 in Billings, we see what appears to be a convoy of trucks carrying windmill blades.

This giant C was visible from I-90 near Columbus, Mont.

I-90 past Columbus. Old US 10 probably lurks on the left.

This rail bridge over the Yellowstone River used to be accompanied by a road bridge for US 10. But the 1931 road bridge was demolished in 2021 because it was said to have deteriorated so badly. Google Street View shows the road had some little Roads Scholaring exhibits in the years before the demolition.

I-90 at Big Timber.

I-90 also has US 191 here. The frontage at right is old US 10.

I-90 with the Yellowstone River at right.

I-90 near Livingston.

I-90 continues in Livingston.

This has to be approaching Bozeman.

Still approaching Bozeman. The 2020 census showed Bozeman with a population of over 50,000. It was America's fastest growing micropolitan area in the late 2010s. Because it's a college town, Bozeman is lucky the census was in 2020 and not 2021.

Trident! Like the gum!

I-90 near Three Forks. You can see a rail bridge over the Madison River just to the right of I-90.

I-90 blasts through the northern Rockies. Though the region helped lead the nation's recovery after 2020, that doesn't mean it was completely safe, for every state in the country manages to dredge up the most evil people they can find to run schools.

This may be I-90 west of Whitehall. This means the road on the right might be Burt Lane. Not Bert, like Ernie's friend, but Burt.

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