May 26-27 2018

Now we're in Illinois on the old US 50!

You can clearly see a road that appears to merge with old US 50. That's obviously the road for a pre-1933 bridge.

A view of the pre-1933 approach, which may have once been US 50.

Reentering Vincennes on the Lincoln Memorial Bridge!

The Red Skelton Memorial Bridge - built in 1963 - crosses the Wabash River from Illinois to Indiana. It carries US 50 on a freeway that bypasses Vincennes.

Getting onto that bridge.

We could've taken US 50 all the way to Cincinnati! Instead, we do things the cool people way. Then again, when I do something, it automatically becomes the cool people way.

US 50 approaching I-69 near Washington, Ind.

Northeast on I-69, a stretch that was a controversial recent addition to the Interstate system. This stretch led to the mass confiscation of land and homes in the road's path. The road also plowed through Patoka National Wildlife Refuge. The FBI harassed locals who dared to oppose the project, and prosecutors even charged the road's opponents with racketeering - but a judge laughed that charge right out of the courtroom. The lack of traffic on this segment of I-69 seems to prove its construction was unwarranted.

I-69 continues.

As I-69 approached IN 445, the lack of traffic on this freeway is again highlighted.

This bridge over I-69 is reminiscent of the IGA Viaduct.

At the time of this photo, I-69 ended here at IN 37 near Bloomington. There was a gap in I-69 from Bloomington to Indianapolis.

This is probably IN 45, which bypasses Bloomington on the north.

I'm guessing this is east on East Rogers Road near Bloomington. We ended up here because of poor signage on the state routes.

Probably IN 46 east of Bloomington.

IN 46 approaches I-65 in Columbus, Ind. - hometown of Mike Pence. Columbus is known for its modern architecture. The city's founder resented the fact that the city was not named after him, so when he became Indiana's highway commissioner, he built the world's first bypass road, which avoided the city. What looks like another McDonaldland bridge up ahead is a structure in the median of I-65.

As IN 46 goes under I-65, it has a SPUI, which people on the Internet are obsessed with.

IN 46 uses the Robert N. Stewart Bridge at the Flatrock River in Columbus.

IN 46 becomes 2nd Street as it crosses Jackson Street in Columbus. We also see the Bartholomew County Courthouse. (Ohhh!)

IN 46 crosses Haw Creek in Columbus. IN 7 used to run here.

A roundabout where US 50 meets IN 750, the North Vernon bypass.

Northeast on US 50 in Greendale, Ind. This is part of greater Cincinnati, and this is approaching IN 1 and the ramp to the Cincinnati-bypassin' I-275.

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