June 28-29 2009

I went on a road trip to Warsaw, IN, to participate in a protest against a right-wing cult. This also afforded me the chance to sneak some usable road photos that you just can't find anywhere else! So peep and weep...

Northwest on I-74 just after entering Indianapolis, we found ourselves behind this New Kids On The Block tribute car. The side of the car was emblazoned with names of members of the 1980s singing group. Also notice that when this photo was taken, this road was serving as a detour for IN 44 construction.

As you might guess, this is north on I-465 on the east side of Indy, approaching I-70.

Continuing on I-465, at the reappearance of Shadeland Avenue north of 56th Street. Shadeland used to be IN 100 and was intended as a surface road bypass around Indianapolis. You can see part of Shadeland Avenue in the background on the right.

North on I-69, just outside Indianapolis. At the exit ahead, I-69 loses IN 37.

Here we're at the rest area northwest of Muncie, looking north on I-69. This is at the rest area where I noticed someone put a water bottle in the toilet. US 35 uses I-69 here.

From the same rest area, looking south on I-69.

This would almost have to be north on I-69 where it grazes Fort Wayne.

This is probably west on US 30, west of Fort Wayne. Most of US 30 across Indiana is a divided highway but not a freeway.

West on US 30 near the giant Whitley County water tower.

US 30 once used this stretch through Warsaw. This is west on Center Street at Colfax Street. In addition to being the home of the cult we protested, Warsaw is also the hometown of noted radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge.

All sorts of neet poo goes on up in the 'Saw. This is continuing on Center, probably near Cedar Street.

Further still on Center, going right into downtown Warsaw.

On Center Street in downtown Warsaw, at Indiana Street.

North on Lake Street between Center and Main. In the olden days, US 30 made a right turn and used this street.

An old tank on display out in front of the Kosciusko County Courthouse in Warsaw.

Here's the courthouse itself. It was in front of this building that the protest took place.

This family of ducks joined the protest in front of the courthouse.

Still in the 'Saw, this is near the courthouse still. This is on an unknown street, crossing Buffalo Street.

Heading east out of Warsaw, this must be where Center Street dumps onto the current US 30.

East on US 30 at Butt Road in western Allen County.

South on I-69 near (ppphh!) Gas City.

This statue of the Nesquik Bunny graces a Nestlé plant along I-69 in Anderson. Interesting things you see in Indiana sometimes. That plus a billboard talking about a freeway exit being "comfy."

The end of I-69. Waaaaah! This is in Indianapolis at the south end of that Interstate. However, I-69 may be extended from here to the new I-69 being built much further south. The BGS on the left advertises Binford Boulevard and Indianapolis. I-69 effectively becomes Binford, which is not a freeway.

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