July 14-15 2009

Because Indiana had become one of the epicenters of abusive right-wing cults, I went to a protest against another such organization in the Hoosier State. This time, the protest was on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse (the state capitol). (Indiana state government was practically a cult itself, judging by some of the bills that lawmakers had approved.) So this set deals with the Indianapolis area...

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be a big water tower like Mommy!" This puny structure was visible along the south side of I-74 in Decatur County, southeast of Indianapolis. It brang us much merriment.

Every photo in this set from here on out is in Indianapolis city proper. This is going west into downtown on I-70!

I-70 merges with I-65 up ahead. Notice that the streets are named after states or after people named Fletcher. I guess it's because Mitch Daniels was like Indiana's version of Kentucky's Ernie Fletcher.

This refers to the looming curve as we merge onto I-65.

Another interesting (yet not very roadly) view of the Indianapolis skyline.

Fletcher Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and others meet at this 6-way intersection.

At the same 6-way junction. These I-65/70 shields have become iconic among armchair civil engineers. Why this one points away from I-65/70, I'll never know, nor shall I ever ask.

Northwest on Virginia Avenue, which goes under some type of large facility up ahead.

Going under whatever this is on Virginia Avenue. Yes, there is a traffic light under this facility.

West on (eeeee!) Washington Street. Up ahead, at the junction with Illinois Street, Washington goes under the Indianapolis Artsgarden, which appears to be a domed Skywalk-style structure over the intersection, joining the 4 buildings at each corner. More on this later!

The Indiana Statehouse! This is the south face of the state capitol (along Washington Street), where we held our protest. A statue of George Washington looms in front of the building.

A close-up of the National Road slab in front of the capitol. The National Road was America's first federal highway project, and it became part of US 40 - which used Washington Street before U.S. routes were abolished within the I-465 loop.

The outside of Circle Centre - a shopping mall right in downtown Indianapolis. I photographed this solely because it appeared I wasn't allowed to. (The mall had a voluminous list of Allowed Clouds that seemed to forbid photographing the outside of the mall. But the print had to be very small to fit all these Allowed Clouds on one poster, so I couldn't tell for certain.)

At Washington & Illinois, with the Indianapolis Artsgarden over the intersection. Notice that traffic lights are placed on the underside of the Artsgarden.

Monument Circle is in effect the precise business center of Indianapolis - much like Fountain Square is for Cincinnati. It has a 284-foot-tall monument built in 1901 recognizing veterans. It was once illegal to build buildings that were taller than this anywhere in the city. Before the monument was built, the governor's mansion used to rest on this circle. This photo is looking north at Monument Circle along Meridian Street.

From the Monument Circle public gathering space, this is the 830-foot-tall Chase Tower. This was completed in 1990 and is the tallest building in the state.

South on Meridian Street from Monument Circle.

From Monument Circle again, this is west on Market Street towards the Indiana Statehouse.

This may be east from Monument Circle, but I'm not sure.

Indianapolis has become known for its numerous manholes that shoot out piping hot, smelly steam - as if there's a giant underground cauldron boiling folks alive. This is one such exhibit near the Indiana Statehouse.

The dome of the Indiana Statehouse.

This is probably west on Robert D. Orr Plaza from Senate Avenue. Though it was deserted at night, this street features some important government buildings.

East on East 21st Street just before Galeston Drive.

Diagnosis: sine rot. Prognosis: not good. This has to be north on Post Road towards I-70.

Finally, we're going west on West Washington Street - the former US 40.

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