Aug. 28-30 2010

...Missouri! This is my third consecutive overnight trip involving Missouri, and we enter the Show Me State using US 61/136.

US 136 near Luray, MO. Not a lick of striping on this road for miles, even though it's a major highway.

Just a moment further on US 136, still no lane striping in sight. But it's scenic!

That state of affairs seemed to continue at least to Lancaster, MO. US 136 uses (eeeee) Washington Street here.

US 136 in downtown Lancaster.

Still in Lancaster, it's the amazing Schuyler County Courthouse!

I'm interpolating that this is south on MO 5 near Lemons, MO. We were forced to take a major detour away from US 136, because the roads were closed both north and west of Unionville (thus isolating that town). We ended up a full county south of where we intended.

MO 6 uses 9th Street in Trenton, MO. We just crossed Haliburton Street. Not Halliburton (like Dick Cheney's company), but Haliburton.

MO 6 then runs southwest on Main Street. The church-like building on the left is the Grundy County Courthouse.

West on SEC AA in southern Harrison County, MO.

In Pattonsburg, MO, highway officials seem to take a stab at toilet commentary - in the form of SEC PP. This is west on 2nd Street. This is actually the old site of Pattonsburg, as the town was rebuilt 3 miles to the northeast following the floods of 1993. The movie Ride With The Devil was filmed in this old part of town.

Still in Pattonsburg, Poage Street is straight ahead. SEC Z turns left onto Dilley Street.

MO 48 crosses the Platte River at Whitesville. The bridge's surface seems to be comprised of wooden planks.

US 159 is hankering to cross the Missouri River via the Rulo Bridge to Rulo, NE. Built in the 1930s, the Rulo Bridge appeared in the film Paper Moon and is now slated for replacement. The shorter framework on the right though is for the Rulo Rail Bridge - a 1977 span built on the piers of the original 1887 bridge.

Entering Nebraska on the Rulo Bridge.

From the Rulo Bridge, this is an attempt to show the neighboring rail span.

State line fanfare at the end of the bridge. Remember It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown?

US 73 joins US 159 in Falls City, NE, and takes us south into Kansas in this video.

Can't beat this view of US 36 near Seneca, KS.

In northern Kansas, a lot of roads look abandoned but aren't. I believe this road is probably an unnamed road a block south of US 36 in Belleville.

US 36 crosses a river with a funny name at Scandia, KS. It's called...the Republican River!

Upstream on the Republican River.

West on KS 191 near Lebanon, KS. A real treat is in store, but once again, I'm keeping you in suspense!

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