Aug. 28-30 2010

KS 191 ends. Waaaaah! But there's a reason for this abrupt end 2 miles northwest of Lebanon, KS...

And it's not this per se. This is an unpaved section line road at the end of KS 191.

Or this. This is east on KS 191 from the route's end.

It's this! KS 191 ends at this exhibit marking the geographic center of the coterminous United States. This monument was accompanied by a display case featuring articles such as one about how the chapel here was vandalized with "a filthy word."

Think Kansas, and you think a windswept prairie - and this was the windsweptest prairie of them all. This is another photo looking east on KS 191 from the geographic center monument.

This is in the immediate vicinity of the aforementioned monument, and it's probably going back east on KS 191.

North on KS 117, approaching the Nebraska line.

Reentering Nebraska, as KS 117 becomes NE 17. A case of sine rot makes it appear as if Nebraska offers "the goo life." I had no idea goo lived.

North on NE 17 just north of the state line, we start getting into this pattern of dry hills.

North on NE 17, just south of Culbertson, NE.

At this intersection in Culbertson, notice how Nebraska state highway markers resemble a tooth from a distance. Actually, the bottom of the trapezoid features a covered wagon.

This ominous sign lurked on NE 61 between Imperial and Grant, NE.

On NE 23 in Venango, NE, this mill snuggled right up against the roadway.

Now we're crossing into Colorado! Conveniently for Roads Scholars, NE 23 becomes CO 23.

Holyoke, Batman! This is in Holyoke, CO. We're going south on US 385 (Interocean Avenue), crossing US 6 (Denver Street).

Now we're west on CO 14 (Main Street) in Sterling, CO, and I see something really funny. I mean, it's really, really funny! Look closely on the right: Logan County Republicans! Gee, talk about shameless!

Looking back on Main Street in Sterling.

You want Western scenery, folks? This has to be west on CO 14, about 15 miles west of Sterling.

Just a hair further on CO 14.

Things really pick up going north on CO 71 from Stoneham, CO. The Pawnee National Grassland dominates this stretch.

After reentering Nebraska yet again, we move on to Wyoming on I-80.

The unfortunate condition of I-80 just inside Wyoming.

Looking north from I-80 near Hillsdale, WY. The road running horizontally across the middle of the photo is Service Road, which parallels the Interstate. I strongly suspect it was once US 30 (which now piggybacks on I-80).

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