Aug. 28-30 2010

It's, it's, it's...

...Honest Abe! This bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln is at the rest area east of Laramie, WY. This is also where an aging man in a cowboy hat loudly passed gas. Indeed, most of US 30 was built as a coast-to-coast tribute to Lincoln. In some areas, it's still known as Lincolnway or the Lincoln Highway.

Looking east on I-80 from the Lincoln monument. True to Lincolnly form, I-80 now carries US 30 here.

West on I-80 from the same place.

Continuing west on I-80 near Laramie.

North on 3rd in Laramie. This is US 30/287 and Biz I-80 to boot.

This is probably Curtis Street (Biz I-80) going over the rail line.

I'm guessing this is another photo looking north from I-80. Now we'd be just west of Laramie.

I'd guess the same for this, though now we're looking at some animals grazing in the distance.

I-80 again!

The view along I-80 about 25 miles northwest of Laramie.

This could be the curve before exit 279, but nobody really knows. So just enjoy!

I-80 yet again, and the mountain on the left is probably Elk Mountain.

From I-80 near Fort Steele, WY, the bridge you see is probably a road bridge over the North Platte River. Even better, it's almost surely the old US 30/287.

Help me out a little here, Wyoming experts. This appeared to be along the south side of I-80 approaching Sinclair, WY. At first I thought it was the Sinclair Oil refinery, but now I think it may be just some sanitation facility.

The exit to the town of Sinclair, which was named for the oil company (the one that uses the green dinosaur mascot). The sign doesn't even give a road name. It's just Sinclair. The actual refinery is in the background.

A better photo of the refinery.

We believe this is Rawlins, WY. If so, the bridge is likely the viaduct on 6th Street.

I-80 goes under this rail overpass near Point of Rocks, WY.

Still on I-80 near Point of Rocks, chances are excellent that the road to the left of the Interstate was once US 30. To the left of that, notice the train chugging along the regionally dominant Union Pacific line.

The scenery just keeps getting better and better near Rock Springs, WY.

This scene on the I-80/US 30 business loop in Green River, WY, foretells an upcoming exhibit. Also, WY 530 makes a "Kentucky loop" here: It comes off the right, then loops over Biz I-80/US 30 up ahead.

This is from a gas station on WY 530 in Green River (the one where I buyed Blistex). The landform on the left is Castle Rock. Near the right of the photo, you can see twin tunnels for I-80.

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