Aug. 28-30 2010

We believe (pee ree cree!) that this bridge is a lengthy footbridge over the railyard in Green River, WY.

South on WY 530 from Green River.

A view of mountains from WY 530.

Ahead on WY 530 into Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Centered on a nearby reservoir, this multistate recreation area is sure to give the Evil Empire fits.

Continuing on WY 530, the mountains ahead are probably in Utah, tens of miles from here.

WY 530 still snakes along.

I'm not quite sure what this is, but the reservoir may finally be coming into view to the west of the road

WY 530 again, and the reservoir appears to now be visible on the east.

Why is this region such a political disaster when there's so much beautiful land like this?

The pattern of sagebrush and mountains continues.

This appears to be mile marker 25 on WY 530.

Mountains again bulge up in the distance.

WY 530 continues through Flaming Gorge.

Although this photo was taken in August, I wonder whether that's a patch of snow on the mountain.

WY 530 enters its final throes.

This may be exiting Linwood Canyon with Linwood Bay on the left. If so, the buildings in the distance may be right behind the appealingly named Peoples Canal.

Finally out of Wyoming! When we enter Utah, WY 530 becomes UT 43. The Utah portion of this video is in Daggett County, and we graze the tiny county seat of Manila.

This is likely going south on UT 44.

Probably UT 44 again.

UT 44 lives up to the road atlas's scenic designation.

Indeed it does.

This is still Flaming Gorge, but it's been a while since we've seen the reservoir it's so famous for.

Daggett County had a population of only 921 according to the (admittedly flawed) 2000 census. Strikingly, over 90% of the land in Daggett County is owned by the federal government - i.e., you, the taxpayer. Sure beats corporations owning it!

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