Aug. 28-30 2010

We left off going southeast on UT 44 at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

I don't think this is even UT 44.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir reappears! The reservoir is a staggering 91 miles long and was formed by damming the Green River. The creation of the reservoir inundated the village of Linwood, UT.

Probably some of that beautiful federal land!

This could be near where Sheep Creek empties into the reservoir, but we appear to be looking down at another stretch of UT 44.

This looks like a different view of the mountain shown 2 photos ago.

UT 44 again.

Another view of the reservoir with that little bottomland with 2 islands next to it.

The UT 44 curve past Sheep Creek?

The pictures continue to do the talking through here.

They also do the mooing. Because mooing is cool. And funny. Are these cows??? I don't think these are buffalo.

They do appear to be cattle. By this point, we may be on US 191, but I'm not sure.

A bridge makes a triumphant appearance!

And here it is! It's the Cart Creek Bridge on US 191. This used to be UT 260, before it became US 191 in 1981.

The arch of the Cart Creek Bridge reminds one of the Big Mac Bridge. When I saw this bridge, I didn't know whether to drive across it or eat a hamburger.

Part of the reservoir as seen from the Cart Creek Bridge.

Approaching Flaming Gorge Dam on US 191.

Now we're about to go over the dam.

This has to be crossing Flaming George Dam. Construction of the dam began in 1958 and was utterly finito in 1964. The 502-foot-high dam forms the reservoir and generates hydroelectric power. The dam has also been blamed for harming aquatic species, as it has no means of passage for them.

From US 191 atop the dam, this is looking over to the road where it curves around. You can see that it's elevated against the cliffs.

Looking back at the dam.

Continuing on US 191.

US 191 increases in elevation, and it seems to give us yet another view of the Cart Creek Bridge.

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