Aug. 28-30 2010

Some folks have all the time and money in the world to linger at dams. But I do my thing and move on. Still, I had to get one last photo of Flaming Gorge Dam.

And another. Note that the curvy part of US 191 is elevated.

This has to be continuing on US 191.

The pictures do the talking, people.

One last photo of the Utah stretch of US 191. This road wasn't even built yet in my 1964 road atlas.

Reentering Wyoming on US 191. Here we leave Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

You can't argue with Wyoming's US 191 over scenery (though I'm sure somebody will).

Off US 191, I don't know exactly what direction this is. This could be looking out over the valley where Flaming Gorge Reservoir is - or it could be facing the other way.

Another view off US 191.

The area south of Rock Springs, WY, continues to come through for us.

If Eddie Money's head was a mountain, this would be Eddie Money with a crew cut. Yes, I know that doesn't make any sense, but it wasn't supposed to.

All this before we even got to Rock Springs!

This has to be US 191 near Eden, WY.

Going northeast on WY 28 from Farson, WY, we're met with another ominous device. A flashing light shows when WY 28 is closed.

Along WY 28 near Farson, I began wondering aloud why all the land is fenced off even though there was no sign of agricultural activity. It's probably because corporations are hoarding this land now. Just think: The floor of this valley sustained earlier civilizations for hundreds of years - before corporations came in and ruined it.

This land all the way to the base of the mountains once fed entire civilizations.

Off WY 28 near South Pass - at the Red Canyon Wildlife Habitat Management Area. This might have been where we tried to get out of the car at a scenic pull-off but the wind almost ripped the car door right off.

Another scene from WY 28 near South Pass.

WY 789 in Wind River Indian Reservation. WY 789 was part of a proposed US 789 that never came to be. Thus, there was once a CO 789 and MT 789 that continued from WY 789, but those designations no longer exist. US 789 would have run from the Mexican border at Nogales, AZ, to the Canadian border at Sweetgrass, MT.

This is in Riverton, WY, a city that rests within Wind River Indian Reservation. In this photo, WY 789 joins US 26.

Continuing northeast through the reservation on US 26.

From US 26 near Shoshoni, WY.

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