Aug. 28-30 2010

Remember, peeps, this website is about roads. Above all else, we celebrate highway engineering. It's been one of my economic mainstays for many a year. This has to be US 26/WY 789 crossing Boysen Reservoir near Shoshoni, WY. The reservoir formed in 1952 from damming the Wind River.

This appears to be US 26 approaching Shoshoni.

US 20 picks up WY 789 in Shoshoni. This is another deal where they tell us to return to town if the lights are blinking. And this time, they mean business, judging by the gate. They mean it like a dictionary, they do!

US 20 continues towards one of the trip's scenic highlights.

Further we go on US 20.

That would have to be Boysen Reservoir again on the left.

Some of the best scenery begins only about 8 miles north of Shoshoni.

This area is called Wind River Canyon, and US 20 parallels the river itself.

Continuing through Wind River Canyon. The canyon is an amazing 2,500 feet deep in some places.

There's 3 - count 'em, 3 - tunnels ahead here in the canyon.

One! One tunnel! Ha ha ha!

Two! Two marvelous tunnels! Ha ha ha! (You can actually see the third one in the background.)

Three! Three wonderful, stupendous, amazing tunnels! Ha ha ha ha ha!

And we're not even done with Wind River Canyon yet!

Wind River is to the left of US 20. To the left of the river is a rail line.

I know the tunnels are hard to top, but it keeps getting better!

I like macaroni.

Bob Barker is cool.

This is interesting for the formation rising in the center of the photo. (It almost looks obscene!)

US 20, Wind River, and the rail line continue through the canyon.

We appear to finally be leaving Wind River Canyon here.

Now I think we're out of the canyon to stay.

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