Aug. 27-30 2015

Southbound I-35 in Duluth.

I-35 near the exit to the US 2 bridge.

Laketown Road in Sturgeon Lake, Minn. There's a restaurant here called Ernie's Diner. I'm gonna say something hilarious about Ernie's. Get ready for it. It's really funny. Here it comes...


A nighttime view of I-35E in Minnesota's capital city of St. Paul.

I-35E in St. Paul again. At some point near here, I-35E runs concurrent with I-94.

St. Paul again. The city's tallest building is the one with the yellow lighting: Wells Fargo Place, completed in 1987. It was once known as the Minnesota World Trade Center, before Wells Fargo - the banking giant known for its incessant phone harassment - renamed the building for itself in 2003.

As I used to say as a preschooler: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I think it's cool how there's an I-35E here - one of few lettered Interstates.

This looks like where I-35E and I-94 split up again. I-94 also has US 52 here. We could have taken US 52 all the way back to Cincinnati! But instead we do things the cool people way.

As we lose I-94, the Cathedral of St. Paul is in the background.

I-35 near Medford, Minn. It's possible the road at right was once US 65, but I think US 65 was probably on the other side of the freeway.

I-35 near the airport in Owatonna, Minn. Notice the airplane sculpture at right.

I-35 was dogged by this construction zone in southern Minnesota.

An orange NO PASSING ZONE pennant? This is that same construction zone.

I-35 crosses into Iowa. This point of the trip had a damper put on it by a phone call regarding people not getting their own lives in order after many chances.

The Iowa outline with a question mark inside encapsulates Joni Ernst winning that election.

The water tower with the casino sign is a landmark that welcomes people to Iowa here.

I-35 also has US 18 and IA 27 here. That truck in front of us looks like an anteater. Remember also that IA 27 is the Avenue of the Saints that's supposed to link St. Louis with St. Paul.

Hiawatha! This is Boyson Road in Hiawatha, Iowa. This is the town where a tine from a plastic fork was swallowed at a Culver's.

Going the other way on Boyson Road. Notice the oddly shaped building.

I-380 enters Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The welcome sign is interesting.

A video on I-380 through Cedar Rapids! You're gonna watch the whole thing. Because I'm gonna force you to. Also, I had to splice in sound from another video for this version of this clip because Warner Music Group flapped its yip about music playing in the background on the radio.

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