Aug. 15 2018

This automotive Roads Scholaring specialized in Kenton County and netted us some areas that we otherwise had little access to. So you know what you're gonna do? Peep.

An obligatory Campbell County photo. This is on the Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge, looking north at the "progress" of the new KY 9 in Newport.

West on 11th at Greenup in Covington. This is KY 1120 westbound.

South on Scott at 20th. This is where KY 17 was rerouted because a wealthier neighborhood to the south didn't want the traffic. And they really mean it: This photo has no fewer than 3 signs marking KY 17.

Where KY 17 says some magic words and sprouts KY 16. You see some redundant KY 16 shields here, but what's more important is that we're looking up Madison Court - the small street straight ahead.

Decoursey (KY 177) at 41st. The speed limit sign is old.

South on Clifton Avenue. This is when we went off course to look for restrooms and Nutter Butters.

East on Grand Avenue.

KY 177 enters Fairview. Fairview is an incorporated city, but you never hear anything about it.

KY 177 enters Ryland Heights. I guess Highland Heights isn't gonna sue Ryland Heights for plagiarism.

Continuing on KY 177.

KY 177 at Lambs Ferry Road (KY 1930).

KY 177 at KY 2044.

That KY 177 sign looks old enough to go watch CBS!

KY 177 crossing Bowman Creek.

KY 177 again! This is out near the church where someone put a Mello Yello can in the toilet during a Brossart function.

KY 177 at Washboard Road.

KY 177 at Cruises Creek.

KY 177 at KY 14 with one of those irritating ultra-flat oval shields.

West on KY 14 (Rich Road).

Continuing on KY 14!

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