Aug. 15 2018

KY 14 at KY 2046 (Fiskburg Road).

KY 14 continues. Many of my photos along KY 14 highlight that it is a rather light-duty road despite having a 2-digit number.

KY 14 again!

KY 14 approaching KY 17 in Piner. This unincorporated town must really hate "big government." Why, they're so opposed to "big government" that they've voted repeatedly to ban all alcohol sales (after a man complained that his wife didn't want to "see beer" when she went to the store). I guess they voted to ban alcohol because they're opposed to personal excess - which is why the community voted by a 5-to-1 margin for that big champion of restraint Donald Trump.

From KY 17 in Piner, this is looking north on an old stretch of KY 14.

Escaping Piner on KY 17.

KY 17 crosses Cruises Creek.

KY 16/536 grazes Independence. KY 536 has become a main east-west route across the area, but that's not enough for those who want a new Interstate further to the south and east "so the libs get rekt."

We detoured here so we could see the funny-looking stop sign. This is northwest on Lakefield Drive in Independence.

A closer view of the ridiculous font on this stop sign.

There's another stop sign like that going the other way.

I don't know what this subdivision is called, but it might as well be titled Weird Stop Sign Land. This is southeast on Stablewatch Drive.

KY 16 at KY 2047.

KY 16 had been widened significantly here on the south end of Covington.

KY 16 approaches KY 3716, which is Taylor Mill Road - which was KY 16 until not long before. KY 16 becomes Pride Parkway, much of which overlays Old Taylor Mill Road. As Taylor Mill Road branches off on the right, Wayman Branch Road is off on the left. It was added to KY 3716 later in 2018.

Where a rebuilt KY 16 overlays Old Taylor Mill Road.

The new KY 16 has a bike lane. Up ahead, Old Taylor Mill Road splits off on the right.

The new stretch of KY 16 ends as we intersect KY 3716 again.

Back to Campbell County! This is northwest on Central in Newport - one of the last gasps of the old KY 9. I got this photo because the JCT above the KY 1120 shield was almost completely faded.

This was my first "uh-oh" moment portending the KY 8 rerouting. Here we're on 11th at Monmouth in Newport. On the far right of the photo - to the right of the US 27 marker - there was a KY 8 marker covered up, waiting to be unveiled!

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