KENTON and BOONE counties KY
June 9 2018

We interrupt these road photos for this beautiful deer! This majestic being was sighted at Big Bone Lick State Park, though the precise location is unknown.

KY 338 approaches KY 1925.

KY 1925 - Big Bone Road - turned out to be almost as quick of a route home from the park as the more obvious US 42/127.

KY 1925 again.

KY 1925 again and again.

KY 1925 again and again and again.

We had planned on taking Rice Pike, but as you can see, it was closed.

KY 1925 ends at KY 536 at Hueys Corners.

East on KY 536 at KY 1925.

KY 536 in Union approaches Old Union Road, which had been US 42/127 until not long before.

KY 536 approaches US 42/127 in Union.

Northeast on US 42/127 in Florence, we see another of those KY 237 markers with the squat digits.

Circling back east on KY 842, we cross KY 3503.

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