July 2006

One lovely day back in '06, I got on my bikey and moseyed over to Latonia, an illustrious working-class Covington neighborhood. This part of town was the home of the now-defunct WCLU, my all-time fave radio station. Clu 132 was cool! Latonia is also the home of the Value City where some guy urinated on the shoes and where I bounced a ball into the ceiling. Value City's not so cool. Anyway, most of the photos in this 2-part batch are from Latonia or at least very close to it. How fi is that?

A beautiful brick-paved resting spot at the very center of Latonia. Although this is a public space supported by taxpayers, you'll notice the city has posted an unreasonable and discriminatory Allowed Cloud against (among other things) "bicyles" (sic). This is all the more ironic because this space features a war memorial. While the memorial commemorates those who died for our freedom, the city tries to take away our freedom to enjoy a public space and use the most efficient method of travel at our disposal. But take a gander at what patriotically looms in front of that bench. Yes, it's my trusty velocipede, showing the forces of tyranny who's boss!

The public space that the city defaced by skeeping about bikes features this lovely fountain. This 5-way junction of Southern, Decoursey, and Winston avenues is the heart of Latonia. (Some folks call this intersection the Pentagram.) And from the "you know it's a red state" department, note that there appears to be school in the middle of summer, judging by the approach of a school bus.

From that same 5-way intersection, we're looking southeast on Decoursey, which carries KY 177.

Continuing south on Decoursey near 46th, nearing the bridge over Banklick Creek.

Going onto that bridge, with a KY 177 marker standing there looking stupid. We leave Covington as we cross the bridge, and there's a sudden difference between urban and rural here. The lack of suburban development along this stretch means some developer has got to be thinking of ways to ruin it.

Drought continues. Just joking! Seriously, this is the somewhat flooded Banklick Creek, as viewed from the KY 177 bridge.

An old part of KY 177. Up until about 1980, KY 177 at Banklick Creek used a bridge that was just west of the current bridge. That older span had a steel framework like many other bridges. Heading south, the old bridge emerged here. Although it now has almost no traffic and a dead end at each terminus, this old stretch of KY 177 is an unsigned state route: KY 1732.

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