July 2006

Continuing further still on KY 177, near Mason Road (just inside the I-275 loop). We're looking over the rail yard and across the Licking River towards the Johns Hill area.

On the border with Taylor Mill, this is facing west on Grand Avenue from KY 16. How much do you want to wager that this road disallows trucks and has no outlet? There's only 3 and 4 signs, respectively, to these effects. (The fourth NO OUTLET sign is a bit further in the background.)

On the border with Fort Wright, this is facing south on KY 17 at the intersection with KY 3070. I just knew this scene was endangered.

From roughly the same spot, this is looking north on KY 17. I'm assuming the woods on the right are also endangered.

Kenton Vale is perhaps the only incorporated municipality in which the entire city is behind a NO OUTLET sign. Although this may have changed since KY 17 was reconstructed, the USGS topographic map shows that the city line stops just short of KY 17. Here we're standing on KY 17, looking straight ahead on Kuhrs Lane, the entrance to Kenton Vale.

Yet another view of Cincinnati from an unusual spot. We're on 19th Street in Covington where it passes over the rail line.

My final photo in this batch is from that overpass on 19th. Nineteenth Street angles to the southwest just a little bit and feeds into Highland Avenue.

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