Aug. 2004

From my 2004 trip to Louisville this is the Ohio River looking west from the overlook along IN 62 near Leavenworth, IN (near the cave we visited where some guy kept threatening to rip a bunker blast). Across the river is Kentucky, at the site of the KY 1047 loop.

East from the Leavenworth overlook.

Now we're at the park along the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, IN, where I could barely walk due to arthritis. This old rail bridge - abandoned since 1969 - is called the Big Four. Notice there's no approach remaining for this bridge. In the background - in front of the Louisville skyline - you see the John F. Kennedy Bridge, which carries I-65.

From the same park this is the Kennedy Bridge.

At the park in Jeffersonville that great thoroughfare known as the Ohio River is the home of many ducks, whose eyes are glowing in the twilight. A ruined pier juts into the river.

Here I'm standing right in front of a column for the Big Four, with the Kennedy Bridge in the background.

Ducks gather around the remains of a pier.

The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, which carries US 31. We're heading from Jeffersonville to Louisville. This long 4-lane bridge appears to be the only surface road bridge remaining that connects Louisville with Indiana, leaving no other options for pedestrians (unless the plan to open the Big Four for pedestrians ever takes hold). This is the bridge Muhammad Ali threw his Olympic gold medal from.

Continuing on the Clark Bridge.

Yet another view of Louisville from the Clark Bridge. I believe the tower in the foreground is or was used for some commercial FM stations.

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