Aug. 2004

One of the more amazing feats of road engineering found in Louisville, this is River Road, which runs directly under I-64 downtown.

Since this is only a PG-rated page, I'll withhold the obvious comparison regarding the distinctive shape of this '90s-era skyscraper.

Returning to Jeffersonville on the Clark Bridge, this is when a harangue ensued over something or other.

This area is a few blocks from our motel in Clarksville, IN. Here they have McAlpine Dam and a much-loved fossil bed. This is a rusted rail bridge connecting Louisville and Clarksville.

My trip to Louisville continues, and here we're still at the fossil bed area.

This may dip into Kentucky a little bit, since the state line is at the north shore of the river. This is the river bed full of fossils. This is also a wildlife conservation area. We appeared to be slightly below river level because of the dam.

That old rail bridge reappears in this shot from the fossil bed.

We're looking at McAlpine Dam from the very edge of the fossil bed.

We're back downtown, where this building features a large picture of Muhammad Ali. I remember how my 8th grade homeroom teacher was furious because someone at the post office drew a mustache on a photo of Muhammad Ali on the cover of his copy of Sports Illustrated.

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