Aug. 2004

This looks like it's from under I-64 downtown, where a ramp leads up to the freeway.

From our boat ride, this is the Clark Bridge with Jeffersonville and the Kennedy Bridge in the background. The Clark and Kennedy bridges appear to have a very similar framework, as you can see.

From the boat, this is the elevated I-64, with the south end of the Clark Bridge passing over it. You can barely see Muhammad Ali peering over the freeway.

Approaching downtown near the end of the boat trip.

A zoom of the Louisville skyline from the boat ride.

Another zoom from the boat, with the Galt Hotel visible in the foreground.

This is River Road under I-64 again. We're facing west, and I'm guessing the eastbound lanes are just left of the berm on the left with the columns supporting the freeway, though it looks too narrow. As I said, this is like a 2-story road - even though River Road has an unsigned state route number (KY 3077) different from I-64. A horse-drawn carriage is using the road ahead of us.

Going north on I-65, this is the big freeway junction in downtown Louisville. The Big Four runs horizontally in the background of this picture.

This was right after our spectacular jaunt to the west side of Louisville in search of 2 bridges to New Albany, IN. Our search came up empty. That night we looked for those bridges on the Indiana side, and the approach to one of them, which is now just a rail bridge but was used by US 31W/150 many years ago, was flanked by 2 small, spooky roads overgrown with weeds. An Allowed Cloud that took the form of a NO TRESPASSING sign prevented us from continuing on the side roads.

Now we're entering Jeffersonville on the Kennedy Bridge.

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