Mar. 1986

This is the first set of Roads Scholaring pictures I ever took with my first camera. They include Markland Dam and Louisville. Although I was a novice at road photography, these photos still pib in a big way like so many other things we know and love.

Markland Dam is along the Ohio River on the way from Cincinnati to Louisville. This is the bridge that uses the dam.

This is the Ohio River from a walkway that went up to the approach of the dam bridge.

This appears to be a coal barge approaching the dam. (I blurred out several family members who loomed in the background, because they didn't want their likenesses associated with this magnificent website.)

Looking back at a city street in Louisville.

This is a lively street scene, peering over that squarish sedan.

For its time this was a very modern-looking building. All those windows gave it a nice reflective surface.

This was something called the Galleria. It was a mall built over 4th Street downtown, and it's pretty much gone now. This area was later rebuilt as a semi-enclosed business district - but despite being a public area built with taxpayers' money, this street adopted a rigid right-wing dress code in 2004. (Nice to know the Taliban has come to Kentucky.) The dress code, however, was virtually scrapped following a boycott warning. Also, in an effort to keep poor people out, all pay phones were removed from the area.

I have no idea what road this is. We're going past a major construction site, as the shadow of a crane graces the roadway.

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