May 22-23 2022

Looking out over Lake Michigan, with possibly the Manitou Islands in the background.

Continuing on Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.

The scenic drive again.

A view of Lake Michigan from the dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes. There were a lot of bugs flying around, and visitors were hacking and coughing as they inhaled the bugs. There were pirates on Lake Michigan as late as the early 20th century.

Looking north on Lake Michigan.

The dunes are very steep going down to the lake, and there's no easy way back up. In the immortal words of Cliff Richard, the only way out is the only way in. Which in this case means up, which is a lot harder than down.

MI 22 at Crystal Lake.

MI 22 in Frankfort. Betsie Lake is in the background.

MI 22 crosses Betsie Lake.

MI 22 in Elberta.

MI 22 near Arcadia (like that radical Duran Duran splinter group). Lake Michigan looms in the background.

MI 22 crosses Arcadia Lake.

MI 22 in Onekama. The business at right replicates a MI 22 marker for its sign.

US 31 in Manistee. This town was almost destroyed by fire in 1871 - on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire. Manistee's population peaked at over 14,000 in the 1900 census, but it had about 6,000 in 2020. In the background at center left, you can just barely see Manistee Lake.

US 31 crosses the Manistee River in Manistee.

US 31 suffered a detour south of Manistee.

Probably a minor road used by the US 31 detour.

US 31 forms a freeway from Ludington all the way past Muskegon.

US 31 in Muskegon. Muskegon is the birthplace of Iggy Pop and Jim Bakker.

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