May 22-23 2022

We left off at Indiana Dunes National Park. This has to be south on County Line Road on the east edge of Gary, Ind. - hometown of the Jackson musical family and singer Deniece Williams.

Looking west into Gary on US 12.

East on US 12.

Back east on US 12 as it goes under IN 249, which feeds into the restricted road to the Port of Indiana.

Back under the path near Mineral Springs Road.

Back under the IN 49 bridge.

US 12 was closed at this rail crossing in Michigan City.

Central Avenue in Town of Pines. Wikipedia says Town of Pines includes IN 520, Indiana's shortest state route, at 0.2 mile.

Continuing on Central.

Central Avenue yet again.

Northeast on Beverly Drive.

This is Mount Baldy, one of the most important features of Indiana Dunes. This 123-foot-tall dune actually moves an average of 4 feet each year. At one time, visitors were permitted to hike up the dune, but this was later closed.

West on US 12 at its aforementioned closure.

Southwest on Beverly.

Southeast on Central.

Central at US 12.

South on US 421 under a rail bridge.

US 421 at US 30 in Wanatah. I can't find much about the bridge up ahead, other than that it seems to be closed a lot, including in 2017 when the decking was replaced.

Grovertown! Like Grover from Sesame Street! Remember the waiter skits, or the one where he tried to sell a nose warmer to Kermit the Frog? Grover is cool. Anyway, this is east on US 30.

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