Dec. 29 2009-Jan. 1 2010

By process of randomly throwing balls of Silly Putty at a map of the Magnolia State, I've concluded that this is likely southwest on MS 2 right near Ripley, MS.

Odds are (based on the time of the photo and the car's speed) that this is south on MS 15 near Ecru, MS. Ecru is in Pontotoc County - whose school system was known in the 1990s for its blatant disregard of separation of church and state.

Leaving the town of Pontotoc on MS 9. Note the horse-drawn buggy warning sign.

Continuing southwest on MS 9 near Sarepta.

Yay! Lettered state routes! In this movie, we continue south on MS 9 from MS 9W into the town of Bruce - as if you didn't know.

West on US 82 in Indianola, MS - hometown of blues legend B.B. King. It used to be that every town looked different. Now almost every community in America seems to be just a suburban glob like this road is. As B.B. King himself might say: "The thrill is gone...The thrill is gone away..."

Upon entering Leland, MS - hometown of Jim Henson - we were greeted by Kermit the Frog's smiling face on a Chamber of Commerce building. This building houses a small Muppet exhibit, but it wasn't open when we were here.

Because Kermit is so cool, they have this sign featuring ol' Kerms waving at folks.

Deer Creek is a waterway that runs through Leland. Floating on the creek is this platform on which stood Kermit in a tux.

East on US 82 where it goes over Deer Creek - next to Kermit's cozy digs (which is no doubt where Grover tried to sell him that nose warmer).

I think this is west on South Deer Creek Drive, which runs along the creek. This street has some fairly nice homes - which I bet are worth a fortune, because you'd pay a lot to have Kermit as a neighbor.

Even everybody's second-favorite little green guy gets in the Christmas spirit. (Kermit is everyone's second-favorite because their favorite is of course Oscar the Grouch.)

Deer Creek has this small dam.

It's not known which side of the creek this is on. It is known that the creek is paralleled on either side by South Deer Creek Drive and North Deer Creek Drive. Note that green warning signal, which seems to be a tribute to the neighborhood's most famous resident.

Another view of the street along the creek.

South on US 61, several miles south of Leland. This is the Mississippi Delta at its loamiest.

Birds appeared in the sky near Hollandale, MS, to oversee this road trip.

Here the avians get into V formation. V is for vivvlyvoovler.

Birds! Thousands and thousands of 'em!

Continuing on US 61 near Valley Park, MS.

Just north of Vicksburg, US 61 curves onto this bridge over the Yazoo River. The bridge was spang-new, and the 1950 span it replaced appeared to have just been demolished.

Getting onto the new Yazoo River span.

Entering Vicksburg on Old US 61.

Continuing into town on Old US 61.

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